In our company’s extensive 300-year journey, we have encountered countless challenges and successes. With resilience and good fortune, the business has smoothly transitioned to the hands of the succeeding generations, now proudly led by the 10th generation. Today, our expertise lies in the crafting of high-precision tools for die casting and injection molds, along with precision measuring and testing gauges.

1.500 m2

Production area

Provided for high-precision machines.



Young and curious, experienced and highly specialised.

One goal

A satisfied customer

Our aim is to fulfill our customers’ desires wholeheartedly.

Die casting tools

for aluminium and zamak alloys

Injection moulds

for parious plastic materials

Gauge construction

Measuring and testing gauges made of aluminium and/or steel

Your project

Individual solutions for individual tasks


Every project has its own unique challenges. And we love challenges.

We are happy to be your partner in solving projects in a highly professional, individual, highly precise and innovative way.


We uphold the utmost precision in our manufacturing process, achieved through the dedication of our exceptional employees, their motivation, and commitment to state-of-the-art machinery within our air-conditioned workshop.


In recent years we have achieved top placings in the following competitions.


We regularly carry out ISO, public welfare and greenhouse gas certifications.

Our history

History has seen many names. Our history has only one: ENGL. Since 1733.


The Team

What began as a one-man blacksmith shop in 1733 has now grown into a modern 22-person company. We have been able to introduce industry-oriented processes without neglecting our family-like working atmosphere.

We are constantly working to keep our company fit for the future through innovation and further development at both the process and employee levels.