For decades, our customers’ requirements and our enthusiasm for innovation have constantly driven us to invest and improve. This know-how is now available to our customers. In order to achieve top performance, the quality of each individual process step is crucial.

That is why we design our products in our own construction department, maintain a high level of vertical integration and have our heat and surface treatments carried out by qualified service providers.

This is our path to a high-quality end product.

Final quality is the sum of all high-quality components.


… of our customers find our overall performance better than the one of our competitors.


… orders processed in the 
past calendar year.


… finished learning. We are still hungry and want to constantly improve.

Aluminium die cast tools

Over decades, we have honed our skills in the design and manufacture of die casting tools for aluminum and zamak alloys. That’s why we can offer you competitive lead times, innovative and high-precision tooling solutions for your product.

Molds for technical parts with high precision requirements for brake systems, components for electromobility and electronics.

Basically, we can offer you the following:

  • Advice and optimization of part geometry
  • In-house mold design and production
  • Sampling (with specialized external partners)
  • Measurement report of the initial samples
Guaranteed long mold life.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the service life of your die casting tools: high precision combined with professional heat treatment of the hot-work tool steels, which we entrust to certified service providers.

We request laboratory samples (micrographs, notched bar impact tests) from the service providers, which we use to document the results of the professional hardening process and ensure your success.

Injection molds

We have been producing injection molds for thermoplastic processing since 1956. In addition to in-house mould design and production, we can also offer you professional advice and optimization of the part geometry, as well as a complete measurement report of the mould and sample parts.

… you a customized service to your requirements, such as:

  • Consultation and optimization of part geometries
  • In-house mold design and production
  • Final inspection of the mold
  • Sample production and associated measurement report
Guaranteed short lead times.

Our high processing quality reduces your tool wear and maintenance costs, ensuring smooth production without tool downtimes.

Measuring and testing gauges

We design and manufacture high-precision and innovative test and measuring gauges as well as automated measuring devices for various applications, using proven materials such as aluminum, stainless and hardened steel.

When machining the gauge components, we benefit from our outstanding expertise in 5-axis milling. Our employees also pay great attention to optical details.

… a highly professional elaboration

  • of the gauge concept
  • the design and production
  • measurement and preparation of the measurement report
  • proof of gauge capability (R&R analysis)
By providing you with functional, high-precision and visually appealing test and measurement gauges.

Thanks to our extensive experience in various machining technologies and the eagerness of our employees to pay close attention to optical details, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Our customers, for whom we build gauges for parts and assemblies for BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW, Rolls Royce – also according to specific specifications – also say the same.

Deburring and punching tools

We manufacture high-strength and resistant punching, deburring and bending tools. In addition to the tool, we can also test the tool ourselves and create initial samples and measurement reports. We have experience in many different material combinations and have expertise in the area of “punching wood veneers”.

… a finely tuned design of:

  • Tools that work without problems
  • Tools with a high productivity rate

And: Competent advice.

  • Tools without high maintenance costs
  • Tools with high productivity
  • Tools with high wear resistance
  • A tool where everything fits.

Your individual project

We create solutions … for your innovative ideas.

We also like to tinker around and help you with your individual task. We welcome small projects with very special requirements and challenges. We will find the solution for you!